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A Gardener’s Day

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All wrapped up nearly Spring now Hurray! normandy gardeners day
The last of the snow has just melted, crocus & the snowdrops are peeping through.
Mr squirrel is running around scratching in the border for a meal not the daffy I hope
Robin red breast is following me around the garden looking for a juicy worm or two as I dig over the beds preparing them for the Spring bedding to be planted out.
Plenty of pruning to be done but got to be careful not to cut to severe, there’s always a late frost to catch us out. Time now to compost all the waste Mr Robin visits again.
Lawns to be scarified & airated prior to the season starting, full of worm casts to get rid of, Robin red breast still following me must still be hungry or has he made a friend.
It’s started to blow a gale, plenty of wind damage to collect.
“What a task, where do I start”.
It’s raining now, maybe I’ll return tomorrow or maybe not we will see.
Just another day in the life of a gardener, every day is a different day.

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