We offer a variety of tree and garden services. For more details on any of the services listed contact us.

Usually refers to turfing, levelling & seeding practices

  • Tree planting – for use as a windbreak or simply for ornamental purposes in the garden.
  • Hedge planting – to create a boundary, or simply to be used as a privacy screen.
  • Creation of herbaceous beds and borders, to enhance your garden and give it colour.
  • Vegetable garden – creation and design, to accommodate all root and salad crop.

Hard Landscape
Generally this is paving, creation of driveways and patios.

  • Gates and posts supplied and fitted.
  • Fencing – wooden and concrete products supplied and fitted.

Neglected Garden Projects

  • Bramble clearance.
  • Tree’s felled.
  • Hedges excavated and removed.
  • Rotavated and levelled.
  • Fencing supplied and erected.
  • Landscape services provided if required.

Tree Surgery

  • Trees reduced in height.
  • Tree’s lopped as part of ongoing maintenance.
  • Fruit trees pruned to encourage new harvest.
  • Wind damage cut away.


  • Levelling and seeding practices, often required after a Fosse Septique
  • Installation, or due to a total re landscape.

Weed Killing Service

  • Total Weed Killer applied to driveways or grounds around building and fencing.
  • Selective Weed Killer to kill brambles.

Driveways to be gravelled and realignment

  • New driveways created.
  • Old driveways realigned.
  • Assorted gravel sizes and colours available.

Payment options are available.
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